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A Permanent Metal Roof Will Cost You Less Than Asphalt Shingles



                                                          TODAY                       12 YEARS FROM NOW                        TOTAL INVESTMENT 


Asphalt Shingles                   $$         +      $$$                      =        $$$$$                 



Investment Grade                $$$$    +                                    =        $$$$

Metal Roofing



Let's  face  it,  many  things  just  aren't  made  the  way  they  used  to  be... and asphalt  shingles  are  no  exception. What  was  once  70% asphalt  and  30%  filler  is  now  70%  filler  and  30%  asphalt.  It  is  a  fact  which  anyone  can see  by  simply  looking  at  any  asphalt manufacturer's  MSDS  sheets.  Why  have  asphalt  shingle  companies "cheapened"  up  their  roofing  materials?  Because  asphalt  can now  be  turned  into  fuel,  and  as  we  know, fuel  is  expensive.  It  is  very  simple,  asphalt  shingles now  do  not  last  a  fraction  of  the time that  those manufactured  20-­‐30  years  ago  did.  There  are  asphalt  shingles  being  replaced  each  and  every  day  that  are from  8-­‐12  years  old.  How  frustrating... purchasing  a  product  that  protects  your  home  from  the  elements only  to  find  out  that  it lasts  you a  mere  8-­‐12  years.  In  order  to  promote  their  poor  quality  materials, asphalt  manufacturers  have  hired  attorneys  to  compose grand  "warranties"  claiming  20,  30,  50,  even lifetime  guarantees.  Most  individuals  do  not  take  the  time  to  actually  read these warranties.  In  fact,  it takes  a  legal  professional  to  actually  interpret  most  sections  of  these  warranties.  When  it  comes right down to  it,  asphalt  shingles  are  guaranteed  to  fail  and  their  warranties  contain  a  number  of  loopholes  that leave homeowners  with little to  no  recourse  when  their  roof  does,  in  fact,  fail.


The  good  news...

You  do  not  have  to  continually  spend  your  hard-­‐earned  money  on  products  that  are  guaranteed  to  fail. Investment  grade  metal roofing  gives  homeowners  the  opportunity  to  purchase  the  last  roof  their  home will  ever  need.  Satern  Exteriors  offers  permanent metal  roofing  in  shingle,  shake,  slate  and  tile  profiles  in both  prefinished  as  well  as  stone  coated  steel.  The  proven  performance makes  metal  roofing  the  most logical  investment  option  available  to  homeowners  today.  In  addition  to  performance,  investment

grade  roofing  offers  unsurpassed  beauty,  durability,  increased  resale  value  and  insurance  benefits.  When you  offer  products  that have  proven  themselves  for  some  50+  years,  it  is  easy  to  offer  warranty  coverage to  match.  Gerard  Roofing  Technologies  offers a  simple,  straightforward,  one  page  warranty  that  is  clear for  everyone  to  understand.  Your  new  Gerard  roofing  system  is covered  100%,  non  pro-­‐rated,  for  both materials  and  labor  for  as  long  as  you  own  your  home.  If  you  ever  sell  your  home,  the coverage automatically  transfers  to  the  subsequent  owner  and  the  coverage  then  becomes  50  years.  In  addition  to the manufacturer's  warranty,  Satern  Exteriors  offers  a  twenty  (20)  year  Workmanship  warranty.  That's correct,  we  are  so  confident  in our  factory  trained  roofing  technicians  that  we  are  willing  to  guarantee their  Workmanship  for  twenty  years.  If  any  of  this sounds too  good  to  be  true,  we  encourage  all  of  our potential clients  to  speak  with  the  hundreds  of  individuals  we  have  served  that  are  already enjoying  their permanent  metal roof.

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